beauty2I’m a business journalist-turned online editor for a large development bank who’s become preoccupied with how inconsistently, and painfully slowly, we’re adjusting to our new environmental reality.

I recently returned to the United States after living for two years in Sweden, the second-greenest country on Earth, according to the Environmental Performance Index. This blog will mix some observations from overseas with material I gather from life in the Nation’s Capital and beyond. It will be about culture and change – or lack thereof.


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  1. Rob Wheeler Says:

    Hi Karin,

    I sent the following comment on your UNEP page re promoting Rio+20. On reading some of your other blogs I decided to try to contact you direct. I would love to talk to you about possibilities re Rio+20. Thanks, Rob

    Karin and friends,

    Finally, a big idea that has potential and could actually work. Thank you!! There are probably only about 2 major challenges that can be overcome if there are a few people that are dedicated to work on this. The first would be to find corporate or other sponsors to fund this initiative; and the second would be to develop targeted messages that will significantly move forward the process, attract public interest, educate and inform people and ensure a more ambitious outcome to the governmental negotiations and process. 

    I have been working for the past couple of years with a group of people to develop a project to produce and distribute a TV Program Series on Sustainable Development that can be broadcast to a proven global audience of hundreds of millions of people (or more) through an existing network of more than 6000 TV stations and networks. We are at a stage where we can produce an excellent program on Rio+20; but we also need to find corporate sponsors. If you, and any one else, Karin are seriously interested on working on your idea and proposal, I would love to partner with you on it and link it with a TV program (and/or series) on Rio+20. 

    I have been participating actively in the Rio+20 process at the UN for the past several years. It would not be hard to come up with key messages that we want to put forward, though agreeing on what is most important might be somewhat challenging. Once we have the basic messaging then we could put out a call for ideas for how to best present them on the building skyscapes. 

    If you or any one else is interested in this, please let me know. Again the primary thing will be to secure the funding to make this possible, the rest is fairly doable because there are plenty of people that would love to be a part of a project like this. 

    Rob Wheeler
    UN Representative,
    Global Ecovillage Network
    Commons Action for the UN

    Core Team, World Transforming Initiatives

    Skype: robineagle333

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